Ana Clark

Vital statistics
Species Human
Occupation Nurse
Age 30s
Eye Color Blond
Height 5'6"ft
Status Alive
Weapons of Choice
  • Remington 870
  • Smith & Wesson Model 66
  • Combat Training Medical Training
    Appearances Dawn of the Dead (2004 film)
    Portrayed By Sarah Polley

    Ana Clark is introduced and is a nurse at a local hospital in Miluakee.

    The day the outbreak occurs, her neighbor's daughter, Vivian, some how finds a way into Ana's home and bites and infects Ana's boyfriend, Luis. After Luis turns into a zombie, he trys to grab and bite Ana but she maneuvers over the bed and while doing so, she grabs her car keys to find and drive her way out of the zombie-infested neighborhood.

    She then gets hit from and out-of-control truck that hits her car and sends her car spinning and crashing right into a tree. When she wakes up, she finds Kenneth, a police officer, and tells her to say something to insure that she is not infected, when she tells him to get his gun out of her face.

    She then is escorted to the rest of Kenneth's group and they all head to the mall that is not that far in front of them.