Known Relatives

Ben is the primary protagonist in the first film along with Barbara.

Plot Edit

Ben worked at a diner before the zombie outbreak. When a zombie bit one of his friends who turned into one, Ben fled the scene in his friends truck. Ben then went to a farmhouse to barricade himself in, hoping for safety. He met Barbara and when asking her about how she got here she tried to go outside which made Ben slap her in the face. He could not belive for what he had done but kept on barricading the house. He heard Barbara scream and he ran to see what it was and saw survivors Harry and Tom. He disliked Harry the first time he saw him. When a plan going to a truck to escape failed killing Tom and Judy Rose, Ben was to fend for himself as Harry locked him outside. Ben managed to smash in and shot Harry. When the zombies started breaking in Ben and Helen started to fend them back. Helen nearly died and Barbra came to the rescue which resulted her being killed by her own undead brother. Ben was shocked and Helen escaped to the basement. Ben realized that all of these survivors were stupid and ran to the basement shoving an undead Karen out the way. Ben then killed the undead Harry and Helen. He sat down in a seat as hearing the zombis banging on the door. He then realized that god is punishing them because humans do not work together. Ben then was shot the next morning by a zombie hunter group. They mistook him as a zombie with the film ending as he and other zombies that died.

Victims: Harry Cooper (alive and undead)

Helen Cooper (undead)

Numerous zombies