Role Edit

The cementry zombie is the first ever zombie seen in the series.It is included that he was at an funeral and a zombie bit him.When Jhonny and Barbra were late for an funeral the zombie atcked them.He managed to kill Jhonny and chased Barbra to her car.Barbra manged to escape and he kept stalking her.When she got to the farmhouse the zombie did not know how he can get in.He also caused the phone not to work,Making rescue impossible.He was not seen again.

Remake Edit

In the remake he was seen again when the group were trying to find the keys.However Babara was armed with an shotgun and she saw him.Relising he killed Jhonny,She killed him.He was seen again by the zombie hunter group.

Kills Edit

Jhonny        Bit him in the neck.

Killed by Edit

Barbra        Shot him in the head by an shotgun.

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