Night of the Living DeadEdit

Ben - A drifter who meets up with Barbra after escaping a diner in a pick-up truck.

Barbra - a woman visiting her father's grave with her brother when they are attacked by a pale faced man.

Harry Cooper - an irrational and dominating man hiding in a farmhouse with his family after his car was overturned.

Helen Cooper - Harry's wife who hid in a farmhouse basement with her family.

Karen Cooper - The Cooper's daughter who was injured after her family's car was attacked.

Tom - A teenager who was out with his girlfriend when they hear reports of strange attacks and hid with the Coopers.

Judy - Tom's girlfriend who hide with him in a farmhouse after hearing reports of strange attacks.

Johnnie - Barbra's brother who was visiting his father's grave with her.

Dawn of the DeadEdit

Fran Parker - WGON employee who steals the station's traffic chopper with her boyfriend Stephen to escape the outbreak

Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews - WGON traffic pilot who steals the station's chopper to escape with his girlfriend and friend Roger.

Peter Washington - SWAT officer who flees with his new friends in a TV traffic chopper.

Roger "Trooper" DeMarco- SWAT officer and friend of Stephen who invites him to flee the outbreak with him

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