Charlie Houk
Vital statistics
Species Human
  • Supply Gatherer
  • Sniper
  • Age 30s
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 6ft
    Status Alive
    Weapons of Choice
  • M1 Carbine
  • Colt Single Action Army
  • Combat Training
  • Extremely Excellent Sniper
  • Weapons Training
  • Appearances Land of the Dead
    Portrayed By Robert Joy
    Charlie Houk is a character seen in the the Land of the Dead; directed by George A. Romero. He is portrayed by Robert Joy.

    Land of the Dead (2005)Edit

    Charlie was seen through throughout the whole movie with his friend Riley Denbo. He works as a supplies gatherer; who goes into town and retrieve supplies in walker infested towns for the survivors who live in Fiddler's Green. He revealed to Slack how Riley saved him from a terrible fire and the only scare from that was his face.

    Charlie later worked with Riley and Slack to catch Cholo DeMora; who stole the best defense against Zombies; the heavily modified truck known as Dead Reckoning. Cholo's plan was to actually recieve a ransom of $5,000,000 dollars or else he would destroy Fiddler's Green with the rockets and guns on the Dead Reckoning.

    Charlie and Riley managed to steal back the Dead Reckoning; however upon returning to the city; they find zombies have taken over and that Fiddler's Green has been compromised. He later hitches a ride on the Dead Reckoning where their destination was Canada.

    Personality & TraitsEdit

    Charlie has proven to have lacked intelligence and yet speaks like a well educated man. He is possibly in his 30s and in the past; explained that he recieved the burn on his face from a fire which he was saved from by Riley. He is known to be a serious worker and constantly mentions his face whenever he gets the chance. He also has a habit of licking his rifle; which he says helps "Catch the light".


    Despite having been burned on one half of his face; Charlie has demonstrated that he is an extremely excellent sniper when it comes to killing zombies. This was seen when a zombie was behind Slack; Charlie noticed, aimed his rifle towards Slack and shot right passed her ear and the round entering the head of the zombie behind her. He is also excellent with his revolver as well; which was seen when he targeted a running boss named Chihuahua. Charlie managed to get a round through Chihuahua's head before he could run to safety. Riley also mentioned that Charlie has the capacity to learn; as does other Humans, despite lacking intelligence. He also has the capability to actually shoot with very little ammunition in his weapons.

    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    Charlie is known to possess only 2 weapons and other equipment.

    • M1 Carbine: Is Charlie's primary weapon of choice for field missions. He carries this and as stated before; licks the sights of it in order to catch the light. He shoots it with the use of
    • Colt Single Action Army: Is Charlie's secondary weapon of choice. He always carries this weapon and is known to be as excellent with this weapon as he is with his rifle.
    • Gun Belt: Charlie is known to wear a gunbelt which is where his sidearm is holstered and where ammunition is kept.


    • "You any good with that kid? cause I'm real good with mine (Pulls out his gun)"
    • "Watching your back, I don't like it when you go off without me"
    • "Oh I'm good with what I have"

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