Debra is a main character in the diary of the dead.In that film she was one of the early survivors in the zombie outbreak.When they hear about the zombie outbreak her and her friends record while trying to survive.When one of her freinds try to kill themself she tells them that she is still alive.They rush to the hospital which is when they found zombies.She manages to kill a nurse zombie and is shocked of what she has done but comes back to her senses.When they decide that they will go to a farmhouse they meet an old deef man who kills fights back the zombies while they escape.She sees him kill himself and relises god is punishing them.When she wants to go to her parents house where they see them as zombies.She is total shocked but keeps moving.They go to a freinds mansion to stay put there.When more of them get killed she is tearful to kill her own boyfriend who was the one recording.When their van was taken away by a freind who was terrified she and 2 other survivors seal themself of from the rest of the world in a panic room.She then ends the film they were recording and finished with the last lines,Is humanity worth saving.

line Edit

Is humanity worth saving

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