Plot Edit

Ana scott is an american teacher.When it is time to go she walks back to her car.She is then atacked by a man[zombie] and escapes to the car.The man manages to smash his hand in the window.Ana manages to drive and turns on the radio.The whole of florida has been infected by something unknowen and is qurantined.Her car then crashes.

Ana wakes up from the crash and sees a man.He is revealed to be Mark and the two team up.They go to Marks sister house and find her as a zombie.Mark,Tearful,Kills her.They decide that if they escape they will go to court againts the american goverment.Ten zombies smash in and they are just saved.A man and two woman come in.Their names are Thomas,Bella and Zoey.They all hotwire a car and escape.They hide in a hotel and all split up for surviviors.

Bella gos into a room and sees a child zombie.Bella shocked falls down and waits for her doom.Meanwhile Thomas meets up woth Ana and trys to killher.He then reveals that he was the one that caused the zombie outbreak.Mark manages to kill Thomas and both try to find the others.Zoey then meets up with them and three of them escape.Zoey who was bitten,Bites Mark who was driving the helicopter.Ana ties up Mark and to prove the world she is not lying.When she comes back she finds all over america is infected.Ana then walks to a bomb shelter and locks herself in.She then backs away and is jumped on by a zombie.The book ends with the zombie Ana trying to get out if the bomb shelter with the zombie that bit her.

reception Edit

The people who reviewed it said it was alright nothing special.The writer was shocked,but continued the series.When number 4 was released the series was too poor.

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