Plot Edit

An man named Scott is dying from cancer.He secretly tells his wife what his wish is.The wife seems shocked but is interupted by some zombies smashing in.The wife escapes and does what Scott wants.Releasing zombies in the uk.

Zoey is an student and is going back to her home.She sees her dad doing something in his bedroom.She walks in and is shocked for what she sees.Her dad is eating her mums neck.Zoey,Shocked,Runs to her room and locks the door.She quickly escapes in her bedroom window.She runs to her car what she just got a week ago.She drives to an eletronic store where her boyfreind is.She wants to get in fast as millions of zombies are trying to get her.He lets her in and he is reveiled to be Sam.

With no where to go the pair try to get to the sewers.When they do Sam is suddenly killed by a zombie which makes Zoey flee.She gets out the sewers and is in a farm house.She is then hold at gun point by an old man.Relising she is a human he tells her that his name is Zac.Zoey asks him what is going on.He then says that his father always wanted a zombie outbreak.So Zac's stepmum managed to do it when he was dying with cancer.Then Zoey gets it all.America was infected for the old man.When America was bombed the man must have infected the uk to see it grow.Shocked Zoey kills Zac and runs upstairs.She sees Scott who is an zombie traped in a cage.She then sees a flashback of her mum and dad.She lets Scott bite her.She then turns and the pair are zombies traped in the cage.

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