M1 Carbine
M1 Carbine
Introduced & Produced: 1942-1973
  • Military Contracters
  • Commercial Copies
  • Ammunition Type: .30 Carbine
    Feed System: 15-30 Round Magazine
    Type: Semi-Automatic Rifle
    Secondary Fire: None
    Accessories: None
    custom(?): No

    The M1 Carbine is an American semi-automatic rifle used by Charlie Houk in Land of the Dead. He is known to actually lick the iron sight of his rifle in order to catch the light. He has also been known to be extremely excellent with the use of this weapon.

    Behind the Scenes Edit

    The M1 Carbine was used from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and several other Cold War conflicts. It has been seen in the hands of U.S.-friendly countries.

    Max Brooks, the author of The Zombie Survival Guide (2003) and World War Z (2006) has stated that the M1 Carbine is one of the best anti-zombie weapons available due to it being light-weight and its accuracy.

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