Monica is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak of the 2004's remake Dawn of the Dead. Not much is known about her life but when the outbreak started she teamed up with a few people and looked for shelter.

Character and Personality Edit

Monica's character isn't explored much but it's implied that she is easily annoyed by some people that act a little bit weird like Nicole did when she played with Chips. Also it is clear that she likes herself a lot and enjoys life. This is shown when she dresses with expensive clothes and has sex with Steve Marcus. Also she shares a deep bond with Norma. When it comes to difficult decisions Monica acts more in the background and stays in the Crossroads Shopping Mall when some people were saving Nicole.

Killed by Edit

  • Nicole (Indirectly, Caused)
  • Kenneth (Indirectly, Caused)
  • Glen (Accidental)

When the group was forced to leave the Crossroads Shopping Mall through Nicole's risky action she went in a truck with Kenneth, Glen, Terry and Steve. After they escaped from the skirmish Kenneth noticed that a zombie is hanging on the back of the truck. Glen starts his chainsaw and wants to kill it but Kenneth decides to try to get rid of it in a bend which causes Glen to lose control over the chainsaw. This ends up with Glen killing Monica accidentally with the chainsaw.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Monica has killed:

  • A few zombies

Trivia Edit

  • Monica, alongside with Norma, is one of the two confirmed smokers.