Nicole is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak of the 2004's remake Dawn of the Dead. She is the daughter of Frank and joined some survivors that searched for shelter. After her whole family died she was very saddened but found distraction by doing graffitis. She formed a relationship with the watchman Terry and took care of the dog Chips.

Character and Personality Edit

Nicole is a soft-spoken and shy girl that got protected all the way by her father until his death. She was clearly devastated by his death because she already lost her Mother and two brothers in the early state of the outbreak. She seems to be very interested in graffitis. This is shown when she sprays a graffiti on the wall and on the truck. She is also a very naive and worried person. This is shown when the group sends Chips to Andy. She is worried about the dog and drives after him with a vehicle just to save him. Also she is one of the weaker group members and has to be protected by her fellow survivors.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Nicole has killed:

  • 5 zombies
  • Tucker (indirectly caused)
  • Monica (indirectly caused)
  • Glen (indirectly caused)
  • Steve (indirectly caused)
  • C.J (indirectly caused)
  • Michael (indirectly caused)

Nicole played a big part in the death of those people. If she hadn't gone after Chips the zombies weren't able to get into the mall and the group could've stayed there. If this was the case those people would be alive because everything would be prepared way better.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicole, alongside with Ana, Terry and Kenneth, is one of the four characters to survive.
  • Nicole is the last member of her original group to be alive.