Plot Edit

Two teenagers named Lisa and Angela are pulling a prank on a teenager called Bella.The plan is to lock her in the house in the hill so she can be scared badly.This works,But Bella is then eaten by a man.Lisa and Angela escape befour they get eaten.The two promise that they will not tell anyone.

3 months later and it is their final day in their sorotory house.A girl named Elena trys to find out about Bella as she is missing.When all the girls are partying,The headteacher accidently gos inside the house in the hill and lets the zombiefied Bella and the man out.Then the zombes head to the sorotory house.Angela relises that her boyfreind is cheating on her.

Then the zombies atack and all hell breaks loose.Angela and Elena head to an girls bedroom while Lisa hides in the bathroom.Elena discovers that Angela acidently killed Bella.Elena then rescues an girl named Louise.Louise then says they are all quarantined.Meanwhile Lisa heads out of an window to the gardern and is pursued by some female zombies.Lisa falls into the pool and so do the zombies.Lisa manages to get out as fast as she can and rushes into the sorortory house to look for Angela.

Louise then lets the zombies in by mistake and Elena and Angela manage to get to the roof.The two then drop down into Bella's room.They find out that Bella experimented on a crush named Andrew.Elena is shocked to discover that Bella is going to put it all over America.Meanwhile Lisa heads into her own room and locks the door and finds her mobile phone.She phones Angela.Angela answers and she tells Lisa evreything.

Lisa then hears something in the cuboard.She opens the door and screams.An zombiefied woman eats her and Lisa escapes with an bite.She then turns and chases an survivior who is not looking.The girl just escapes but falls down the stairs and into the kitchen.The girl locks the door but is then eaten by the zombie cookers.

Elena and Angela escape the room and head to the lounge.They just escape and Angela tells Elena that they need an gun.Elena opens a cuboard and there is an pistol.It is the headteachers.

The zombies break in and Angela makes Elena escape and she is eaten by the zombirs.Elena escapes to the kitchen and sees the girl geting eaten by the zombies.The girl sees her and nods her to escape.Elena turns around and bangs into pans.The zombies look around and Elena trys to escape but is bitten.Elena then kils herself befour behing ripped to peices.

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