Here is a zone where you can create your own story and well it will have problem here cause its prefered here and well I have designed it to fit the quality of the site and whatever may (come) I have many stories and well I finally get to create'em here and well just add the link below the bar saying "story names here" anyone can create a story plus it is for IP adresses to and many more except for blocked users and well the instruction guide will not be included just leave a message on the talk page and ask for a question is you need one aswered go to the talk page as I make this wiki rise up upon the rest of wikia and any other source.

We're increasing articles, and that means you get to create these articles below and make sure they're not vandalism at all 'Cause we can't take it here.

Col. Nicotine Crockette Edit

Also known as Brubaker in Land of the Dead and Colonel in Diary of the Dead

Monty Zenthon (series) Edit

Zombie (film series) Edit

Dread, Fear, and Dread vs. Fear franchise Edit

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