Role Edit

The farmhouse in night of the living dead had an key role.The surviviors took shelter here and decided to stay here.However the zombies could smell them and tried to smash in the house.Ben and Tom tried to stop this.They barricaded the house with Bookcases,Tables and etc.However they were once a plan to escape the house.Tom and Judy were killed in this plan and Harry locked Ben out.Ben managed to smash in and shot Harry who was later eaten by his own daughter.Helen tried with Ben to keep the zombies out.Barbra was out of shock when she heard Helen scream.Barbra tried to save them but was carried away by her brother and zombies.Helen ran away to the basement and was killed by her daughter.Ben now gave up and let the zombies in.He managed to get to the basement and had to push Karen the zombie away.He hid in here and killed the zombies Harry and Helen.Ben,The last survivior of the farm house incindent,Tried to get away when morning came.However a hunter group shot him in the head mistaking him as an zombie.This house now remains in the living shelter.However nobody realy knew what happened here but had an little clue.Barbra's flowers for her father's grave.He was also seen wandering about in the farm house when the zombies raided the house.

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