April 1, 1968: The zombie outbreak begins.

April 2, 1968: Night of the Living Dead and Diary of the Dead take place.

April 3, 1968: Ben, sole survivior of Night of the Living Dead is shot by an hunting group.

April 8, 1968: A priest trys to prove God is real and and the Diary of the Dead surviviors seal themself of from the rest of the world.

April 9, 1968: The priest is bitten and is qurantined.

Janaury 1, 1969: The priest is not a zombie yet so God might be real.

November 3, 1972: The survivors of Dawn of the Dead escape in a helicopter to a mall.

November 4, 1972: The survivors have made it to the mall and clean it out.

November 7, 1972: Mall is overrun by zombies and enemies

March 1, 1974: The survivors of Day of the Dead plan to make a cure which ends in failure.


  • Despite Night of the Living Dead and Diary of the Dead taking place at the same time the events of Diary of the Dead take place in present day times (like 2008 or so).

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