plot Edit

The movie starts with a woman named Susan who is returning from work.She sees a man runing out of his house and is terriblely bleeding.Susan trys to get help but a few people try to eat her.She manages to escape and runs to her car.When she locks the windows as the people are trying to get,She relises that she has left her car keys at her work.Then a man shoots the people with his sub machiene gun in the head.He is named Frank and he gives susan a pistol gun.

They quickly barricade themselfs in a house and start to think what do to.Then hands smash the windows and try to get in.They escape to the back door and bumb into surviviors.They are reveiled as Barry,Janet and Tom.They decide to escape to the police station to get wepons.When they get there dozens of zombies atack them which leaves Tom to be bitten.Barry kills him instantley and says that if your bitten you turn into one of them.They go inside and find no wepons but a prision bus.They go in and drive out to the open street.Barry gets a chainsaw and trys to kill the zombies surrounding them,But kills Janet by accident.Barry gets grabed by a zombie and is throwen into the horde.

The bus stop leaving Susan and Frank to their deaths.They find a letter in a seat and read it.The company named forum which made experiments on a woman and her Daughter.It turned the daughter into a monster while the mum turned into a zombie.She infected rats and millions of them escaped into the sewere finaly apearing in a football match which turned millions of people into zombies.The daughter was put right under an hotel and is insane and wants to find her mum.Then Frank is used as a bait for Susan to run to the sewers.Susan manages to get to the sewers and sees a monster.Susan relised who it was and fell down shocked.The daughter who is revealed as Tracey is the monster.Susan is chased by the monster and manages to get out to Brookland.Then millions of zombies run to the Twin towers as Susan is being chased by them.Her fate is unknowen.

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