Susan manages to escape into a twin tower.She barricades the door and runs up the stairs with her heal shoe falling off.She keeps runing and gos in a office and finds a man eating a woman who looks like she was trying to escape.Susan then relises that she is holding a knife and Susan stabs her in the head.She then relises that Frank had gave her a waike talke and she trys to get him in the other side.She hears Frank saying that he is holding up in a house roof.Susan says to go to the twin tower.She then hears someone behind her who knocks her out.

She wakes up and is wearing a red dress and red shoes.She is in a white room where experiments are used.She sees the monster she saw in the sewers who is holding a dead corpse.The thing puts it in blood and turns on something.Millions of zombies come and try to get Susan who manages to get out.She is atacked by a man who is revealed to be Frank.He then drugs her and Susan passes out.

Susan wakes up and is tied to a chair with sharp knifes coming towards her face.Frank says that he tricked her so that he can bring back his wife who is dead and his daughter who is the monster.Susan then manages to get out and kills frank.She then turns and falls down into a trapdoor.She is shocked to see the deaths of surviors from the first one.The killing of Tom,the texas chainswas massacar on Janet and Brian killed by a zombie.She then thinks she sees her death with the monster putting its tenticals right in her mouth and down and down.She then turns around and sees the monster.It gets it tenticals into her mouth.Relising what is going to happen she trys to stop it but finaly gives up.The movie ends with Susan turning into a woman called Jessica who is the mother of the monster.They walk away holding hands into the light

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