zombie 3 the killzone Edit

Zombie 3 the killzone is an 3rd sequel in the Zombie series.It was directed by Danny boyle who replaced Andrew hay.

Tagline Edit

Alice is now safe for now.Now the half of the goverment who is friendly wants to kill all people undead or living.

plot Edit

Alice is in her new apartment.She has just had an nightmare for her killing Janet.She turns on the tv and the news is on.The half of the goverment who is frendly are joining forces with the other goverment.Alice then teams up with a man named Thomas who wants to escape.The goverment opens the door for thousand of zombies to be let in.Alice and Thomas escape to an police staition.They see a man escaping and is shot all over.Alice and Thomas hide and see the goverment shooting at an woman who was also escaping to the police staition.

Alice then hides in Thomas's apartment while he gos for guns.Alice then finds out that the goverment are doing this for revenge but for what.Then she sees Thomas runs in shouting to her hes here.Then a monster smashes in and kills Thomas making Alice flee.She then hides in her own apartment and finds diarys about the goverment going to blow up the safezone.Alice decides to escape.

Alice has phoned a man she saw befour the zombie outbreak.She is hoping he will answer as he has got an helicopter which can make them escape.The helicopter comes and Alice steps inside.Then the monster trys to get in.Millions of zombies run to the helicopte.An explosion happens which destroys the town.Alice is shocked and befour her eyes an pole gos right in her heart.The unknowen man sees this but flys to london.Then Alice wakes up with mindless zombies eyes.

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