zombie 5 blood works Edit

Zombie blood works is the second part of the 4th one.Alice returns and this is Andrews hays last zombie film.

plot Edit

Alice is about to be killed until a shot is heard.The monster turns around.It is fiona who is wearing a white dressing grown.She is a bait for the monster and the zombies and Alice manages to escape from the cage.She is still in underworld and has to find a way out.She sees millions of zombies chasing after her.She nearly dies and has to take her boots of so she can run better.She then sees clothes and has an idea.When the plan is being set Alice has to flee and only has her bra and knickers on.

Meanwhile Fiona is trying to blow up the underground as she is traped in a small room with the monster trying to get to her.She then feels something behind her and screams.Alice is running to an bedroom in the mansion as she escaped underground.She gets in one and hurryly gets some clothes on.Now with no red the monster is not powerful.Meanwhile Fiona was drugged by Tommy and is wearing red.The monster manages to kill her and is transformed back to the 8 year old girl and decides to blow the mansion up

Alice hears this and trys to blow up the underground.This works and escapes to the sewers and manages to tell the safezone but is then killed by an girl who is revealed to be the little 8 year old

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