The zombie apocalypse is what that has made these movies's.There is no answer why they attacked but mabey due to a chemical spill.In the night of the living dead they were discoverd do pick objects up as one of them smashed barbar's car window and the girl killing her own mum.In dawn of the dead they were cosidered stupid as three survivors managed to trick them so that they can seal theirself from the rest of the world but the world was now nearly extinct.In day of the dead a doctor managed to train a zombie named bub who managed to work a telephone and even shot a gun and speaked.In land of the dead it apears that because of bub more zombies are intelligent but can't spaek even having a leader.In diary of the dead they were still stupid because of the dotd was the same timeline as night of the living dead.They can't get out of a swiming pool.Their weakness is a blow in the head and being burned as they are scared of fire.They will sometimes crowd to the survivors barricade or the survivor themselves so that they can all overtake them.They are slow zombies but in the most of the remakes they are fast.

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